Silverlight2 article competition

Silverlight 2 in action ebook Michael Sync is running a writing contest for Silverlight 2 developers in his blog. He’ll give away 5 copy of Silverlight 2 in Action ebooks and $300 for contest winners ($200 for 1st and $100 for 2nd).

How to Enter

  • Write a great article about Silverlight 2-beta2.
  • No matter where you are, you can participate in this contest
  • Submit your article before 25th of July 2008. (Please be sure to include a author bio with your submission.)
  • You can submit as many Silverlight 2 (beta2) related articles as you want
  • Your article should include screenshots( .jpg or gif) and code samples
  • You can send your article (in pdf or MS Word format) and demo (zip) to “mchlsync AT gmail DOT com”
  • Please encourage all people you know to participate in this contest. Because we need at least 3 participants for this contest. Otherwise, our contest will be failed.


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  1. Hey man, Thanks a lot for promoting the contest. I really appreciate for that.

  2. Thanks for the information