BeeMp3 – yet Another mp3 Search Engine

I’ve covered Skreemr mp3 search engine before. Beemp3 is similar to Skreemr which is a music search engine that has huge list of mp3 files available on the internet. It also displays information for each mp3 files like bitrate, duration, size and frequency like Skreemr has.


Currently, It indexed more than 800,000 mp3 files and added 10,000 mp3 files daily as they mentioned. If you can’t find mp3 files in Skreemr, Beemp3 is an alternative way.

Beemp3 download

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8 Responses

  • Cool Bro!! Thanks for Information.

    Htoo Tay Zar on July 9, 2008
  • wow this is cool
    I need to search for MP3s every now and then :D
    thx for the share ;)

    Siddharth on July 9, 2008
  • I have used BeeMp3 for quite some time and am impressed with the playback quaility.

    Keith Dsouza on July 10, 2008
  • not bad, I long time did not download mp3 already, now can find some song there :)

    iCalvyn on July 27, 2008
  • Yeah! It’s a good website, but i like mp3Cobra better:, oh well its just a matter of choosing.

    Micheal on January 25, 2009
  • I prefer its very fast and they give the top users free rapidshare accounts.

    chriss on February 6, 2009
  • I wonder the type of law suits the site owners would be having. The site seems to be very active.

    How to Make Money on May 4, 2009
  • yet another music search engine

    MusicBiatch on July 14, 2009