Muzicons – Mp3 Music Widget for your Blog

MuziconsYou can share your favorite music on your blog or web site with these little mp3 widgets with cute emotional icons. allows you to upload song in mp3 format and create a widget for your blog. You can choose emotional icon, widget type and color before you upload. You can upload up to 20 MB for each file without registering (registeration is optional).

via: Killer Tech Tips


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  1. hi bro, I did copy and post it in my blog.
    all credit go to u naw. :)

  2. well, it’s so good..

  3. Thinking very seriously about checking this out…

  4. i am very glad to have read this article if u have helped me again a great deal of knowledge on this subject i would love to read more of ur article thank u so much for posting this article

  5. leonard Avatar

    i can’t upload the song i want to, it doesn’t give me the option to browse, it just ask me to paste the mp3 url .