Kwippy – yet another Micro-blogging service

KwippyKwippy is another micro blogging service and it look likes Twitter but with comment features. I have been playing around with Kwippy in these days and found that it is a good way to share gTalk, Yahoo and Facebook status with your friends in one place.

Kwippy IM BotKwippy IM bots allows you to update your kwip from IM (gTalk and Yahoo!). Integration Kwippy Im Bots with your gTalk and Yahoo! status not difficult. Just add the Kwippy IM Bots screen name, they give you in import page, in your gTalk and Yahoo! buddy list and sent the activation code message. Once you have added IM Bot you can update your Kwip via IM.

p.s: Just found it today that You can also update kwip via

Here is my kwippy page you can follow :D