RarHost – Free File Hosting for .rar (WinRAR) Files

rarhostThere are many free file hosting services out there offer file hosting for every file formats but rarhost is free file hosting only designed for .rar files. you can upload an unlimited number of .rar (WinRAR) files and share with your friends. Limit is 150Mb per file with no upload limit. No signup required but FREE signing up will get the benefits to manage your files and check how many times a file has been downloaded.

Rarhost page


  • host unlimited .rar files online and share with friends.
  • 150mb size limit per .rar, split archives allowed with no upload limit.
  • view the contents of the archive before you download, ensuring it contains the files you want.
  • advanced password support, no more downloading a .rar just to find out you need a password!
  • file management system; keep track of your uploads, edit, delete etc. (signup feature)
  • check how many downloads your .rar has been downloaded. (signup feature)
  • files will only be removed if they have not been downloaded in 2 months, opposed to 30 days. (signup feature)


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