Google Wave and invitation give away

Google Wave, a promising online collaboration and real-time communication tool from Google that I have been waiting for is now in my browser. I heard from some news in these days that it is second round invites send by Google. Luckily that I got the chance to use it today. Google Wave interface is pretty similar to Gmail interface and it has Navigation, Contacts, Wave preview and Wave panels. Every new wave you created can be shared to any contact in your contacts list. They can share, reply with rich text html, links, embedded video like Youtube, photos and map in wave. For me, it is hard to describe what it is. But it seems like Google try to organizes email system with chat, documents, photos and extensions with sharing capability. I got 8 invitations in my Google wave account just to nominate for next round. (Remember the invitation is just to nominate so you won’t be able to use Google wave directly but you have more likely to get to access Google wave next round.) Anyone of you interested to test Google wave, please leave your comments here so that I will sent invitations to you.



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  1. Can I get one? Wanting it from the day they announced it.

  2. An wave invite would be nice. Thanks … :-)

  3. Could you please share an invite of google wave with me too , thanks in advance :-)

  4. Mohit Gupta Avatar
    Mohit Gupta


    Can you please send an invite to [email protected]

    Thanks a ton in advance.

    Mohit Gupta

  5. jacksterson Avatar

    Oh man, I would love an invite…

  6. Tarun Singh Avatar
    Tarun Singh

    heyya could you please send me a wave invite i would be really greatful.. [email protected] thankz

  7. can I get one?? thx…

  8. can I get one?? thx…

    [email protected]

  9. Just like Gmail back in the days, I am interested in trying out Google Wave. Please e-mail me the invite. Thanks.


  10. Sir,

    If it is possible, may I also obtain a Google Wave Invitation from Thee?
    I would be thankful very much Indeed.
    My e-mail is [email protected]

    Thanking Thee,

    D. Shah, Esq.

  11. If you have an extra invite could you pass it my way. I applied for one but no one responded. Use the email that i used to submit this comment. Cheeers.

  12. may i know ur wave acc

  13. Please (if possible) share one of your invitations with me. I’ve been waiting desperately for an official invitation from google but not received one yet. Thanks!

  14. i’d love to get one, here’s my e-mail address fadly87{at}gmail{dot}com thank you very much :)

  15. please do invite me

    [email protected]

  16. plzzz i invitation urgently … nobody in my area has it ……cant get it frm any where .none of us have . 1 invite plzz i will share with every one here

  17. I have 14 invites. If you need one, visit and grab one.

  18. Got 22 invites. Mail me at [email protected]

  19. Hi,

    Please send me the invite too.


  20. I have Google Invitaions too, you can get it by leaving a comment on my blog post

  21. i have more invitation to give away. if you want you can visit my site

  22. Richard Avatar

    please send me an invite for Google Wave. I’m starting a new business and need all the tools I can get! Thanks,