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  • Adsense allows you to choose fonts

    Google Adsense just added new options to choose the fonts for adsense units after they enabled Adsense for Domain feature for all adsense publishers. As of now, you can choose Arial, Times and Verdana. To change the font style for your existing adsense units, go to Manage Ads under Adsense Setup and look for Fonts…

  • Adsense Check

    This is the second Check I received from Google Adsense. Google Adsense is NOT my primary making money machine, It generates some bucks that recover my hosting fee and domains registration though.

  • I’ve received Adsense PIN from Google

    I’ve got Adsense PIN (Personal Identification Number) from Google via standard mail in last February 21st. It took 30 days to get that mail from the date of email from Adsense. Now I keep this mail for the remembrance. Adsense PIN Mail (Back Side)

  • Making money from online is hard

    CPC (Cost-per-click) in my Adsense is very low and generated only $27.70. First I thought that Google reduces CPC rate in Adsense. But I found the two treads Do Multiple Adsense units reduce CPC ? and Use of multiple Adsense units drop your CPC that discussed about putting too many Adsense units can decrease CPC…

  • Ziki has monetizing and widget features

    What is Ziki ? Ziki is a social network where members can describe their personality, interests, skills with their own keywords to connect with other members just like any other social network can. In Ziki, you can gather all your blog entries, del.icio.us links, flickr photos, youtube videos and much more, share your content you…