Ziki has monetizing and widget features

ZikiWhat is Ziki ? Ziki is a social network where members can describe their personality, interests, skills with their own keywords to connect with other members just like any other social network can. In Ziki, you can gather all your blog entries, del.icio.us links, flickr photos, youtube videos and much more, share your content you created, promote yourself, build your own web network. And what they offer is that the first 10,000 who register will gain a 10$ sponsorship in Google, Yahoo and MSN. (I’m not sure that 10$ sponsorship is still available for new register because I registered on January 2007.)

I have not been in Ziki since I registered. Now I saw that Ziki has monetizing feature for its user using Google Adsense publisher code and sidebar widgets feature let you to add your widgets like blogroll, Twitter, Amazon books and everything! to your ziki profile sidebar.

Ziki - Monetize

Your Google Adsense will be displayed at the top (feeds or posts published from ziki) and bottom of your articles. For widgets, you can add Text, Image, Flash and Javascript Code. I added Feedburner headline and Google Adense 160×600 Ads code in my profile as you can see below.


You’re invited to join my Ziki.