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  • Google Social Search

    Google rolled out a new experiment on Google labs known as Google Social Search that helps you find more relevant results from public content of your friends and contacts from your Google profiles. To enable this feature, you have to login with your Gmail account and go to Google experimental page and enable the Google…

  • Google Wave and invitation give away

    Google Wave, a promising online collaboration and real-time communication tool from Google that I have been waiting for is now in my browser. I heard from some news in these days that it is second round invites send by Google. Luckily that I got the chance to use it today. Google Wave interface is pretty…

  • Google Search Suggestion fails

    This is what happened when people search this keywords “I am extremely”.  via: Gizmodo. You can find more hilarious keywords at Google Proves Humanity Is Sick and Sad, Yet Absolutely Hilarious

  • Google Friend Connect

    I have been testing Google Friend Connect this week and it is time to share. Google Friend Connect means more people engaging more deeply with your website and with each other. It allows your visitors to invite their friends from other social networks and join your site. Social gadgets in Google Friend Connect will keep…

  • Google Chrome – Google’s another step to dominate the web

    The whole web is talking about Google Chrome (google.com/chrome), an open source browser based on it owns webkit and uses its Google Gears. An official comic book with 38 pages explained why they build Chrome. Sitepoint listed the features of Chrome based on comic. Is it another step to dominate the web? Images of Google…

  • Google cares Myanmar Cyclone

    Just a short note, Google created a page where you can support victims of the Nargis cyclone in our country, Myanmar (Burma). You can donate to either UNICEF or relief by using Google Checkout. Thanks, Google. No wonder I like you very much. Thanks, Thant Zin.

  • Oops!… the system encountered a problem (#102)

    We from Thailand facing gmail problem since last night. We still couldn’t use gmail till now. :( What a bad day! But we can use gTalk from desktop. Update: Gmail is back to normal

  • Google penalizes Text Link Ads ?

    I noticed lately that Google removed Text link ads from search result page. What’s wrong with link broker site that has PR7 ? Do search Text Link Ads in Google.