Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

WordpressI just upgraded to WordPress 2.3. Usually, upgrading wordpress is easy task but not this time. I met a lot of problems while upgrading to 2.3. I disabled some of plugins that use wordpress category table which removed in 2.3. Thanks for Tags, update notification, improved Tiny MCE editor and Pending review features implemented in WordPress 2.3. I disabled Sitemap generator, Ultimate Tag Warrior, Add META Tag plugin as a result.

p.s : I’m going to make two WordPress themes available for download soon.


7 responses to “Upgraded to WordPress 2.3”

  1. Well, I have not upgraded till now. Waiting for user reviews of 2.3

  2. Good to hear that you have upgraded. But I won’t upgrade for the next 1 month. It’s still unstable. If you find any bugs or errors, please keep us updating.

    It will a great help to those who are planning to upgrade.

  3. I am also going to wait for some time before upgrading .

  4. @ Nirmal, Haris and Madhur Kapoor

    I would like to suggest you to stay with your current version until new version is stable ( I hate that stable word )

  5. Cant wait for the new themes , I love your work

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    Thank for your words.

  7. What happened with your sitemap generator? Did it not work after the upgrade?