.Asia Domain sales going on

DotAsia.Asia domain names are available from registration from today (February 26th, 2008). WebHostingInfo reported that Over half a million registrations have been received for the .Asia domain name to date, 24% of which came from Europe. .asia auctions hot in DotAsia.Org and here are some noticeable deals had made for .asia domain names

  • ace.asia $20,501
  • mediaworld.asia $10,000
  • tyco.asia $7,600
  • wellness.asia $5,900
  • spotlight.asia $5,700

Godaddy started selling .asia domain for $19.99 and you can register .asia domain names if your business, organization, or community group is located in one of the Asia-Pacific countries. If it is located outside of this region, your .asia registration must include at least one contact who resides in one of the Asia-Pacific countries.

Do you think you really need .asia domain for you or your business if you’re living in one of the Asia-Pacific countries ?


4 responses to “.Asia Domain sales going on”

  1. some form of Asianization? =D Oops! I happened to use capital ‘A’. =D

  2. ha ha! could be. What about .eu domain ? I’ve bought one .asia domain, anyway ;)

  3. Well worth it. Especially if you are lucky enough to nab the name you want for the website you want to build. I see it having amazing sustainable growth long term so I think that it may just be like dot com. A while to take off and then eventually next to impossible to get into without a massive budget.

  4. I see this as a massive opportunity, especially in light of the stratopsheric prices for .com names now. It seems that .asia may have an advantage over .eu as well due to both demographics and geographical clarity. Watching where auction prices are going now for .asia verifies the demand.