WP Bulk Image Downloader

If you’re blogging in wordpress.com for long time and what if you want to blog in your own hosted blog ? This is one of the biggest problems every blogger face while we’re moving to our own. Backing up your wordpress blog by using export feature in wordpress or using third party web app like BlogBackupOnline does not mean complete backing up your blog. They only backup our blog posts and comments without posted image in our blog posts.

Michael Sync created an application that can download all of your images which you posted in wordpress.com or your self hosted wordpress.

I noticed that there is no way to bulk-download all of my images from WordPress account to my local disk. I didn’t want to copy each and every images manually so I wrote this tool that can scan each and every urls from my blog and create the directory based on the URL. And then, download them into my local harddisk.

WP Bulk Image Downloader is written in C# and source code are available for download. You should check out !

WP Bulk Image Downloader

WP Bulk Image Downloader


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  1.  great sotware, thats what i need thanks for sharing