How cool when you look up Google map to see if there are any wordpress fans near your location? The site is called WpWorldMap. It used Google map with draggable windows that contains name and your information like First Name, Last name, .. and your role like User or Developer, etc. and leave your marker where you are staying now.


Su.pr WordPress Plugin to post Twitter and Facebook

Su.pr is a new URL shortening service developed by Stumbleupon that allows you to post your Blog post and message  Twitter and Facebook via your WordPress. Su.pr has a feature that update automatically to Twitter and Facebook whenever you publish new blog post.

supr-mainSu.pr has customization options allow you to customize posting to Twitter or use the default setting. If you check on the first option “Post to Twitter”, you will see extra option in New/Edit post page. Another great feature from Su.pr is that you can use url shortening with your own domain name. (example: http://yourdomain.com/abxr instead of http://su.pr/abxr).


Currently Su.pr is in invite beta but you can sign up by using invite code “suprbeta”. API key is required to use for your wordpress plugin. You can find API key in setting page.

WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 is available for download at WordPress.org site.The features I like most from this version are revamped Admin panel, Comments enhancement in theme function, Quick press (Easy to publish post from Dashboard) and new layout arranged in Post editor enables me publishing blog posts more quickly. Well done, WordPress Team!

Changing Password in WordPress

It is really important that you should change your password immediately when you logged in your wordpress panel for this first time after fresh installation of your WordPress. To change your password, click admin link next to “Howdy” text message in upper right corner of your WordPress panel Or type yourblogaddress.com/wp-admin/profile.php in browser address bar.

You can change Color scheme of your admin panel, First name, Last name, Nickname, Display name which is used for author name is blog post, contact information, etc in Profile section. This is a WordPress newbie series. I will keep posting like this tutorial in future.

WordPress Plugins: Permalinks Migration Plugin

Many of us are using either wordpress’s default permalink structure http://yourblog.com/?p=343 or http://yourblog.com/2008/09/03/your-post-title. We might probably lose visitors from other sites or bookmarks that links to our posts or even Google ranking after we changed the permalink structure from default. If you are going to change the permanent link structure of your wordpress blog, you should consider to use this plugin called Permalinks Migration Plugin. This plugin will automatically generate 301 redirect when your visitors or crawler when they visit your old permalinks and redirect them to new permanent address. This is a way to tell the search engine that your posts has moved and old address should be replaced by the new one. This doesn’t affect you search engine rankings like Google PR.

  • Installation is pretty easy. Download the plugin from author’s site and upload under wp-contents/plugins/ folder. And activate it.
  • Go to settings->PermalinksMigration and you will see the old permalink structure.
  • Go to settings->Permalinks. And change the permalink structure you want. Done!

How to remove image caption in WordPress 2.6

image captionNew version of wordpress 2.6 includes Image captioning feature that automatically adds caption under your images like in BBC and CNN news site. It is pretty good if you like. But what if you don’t want to put little caption under your image? Here is a very simple trick.

  1. Switch to HTML mode
  2. Remove the code something like this (before img HTML tag)
    [   caption id=”attachment_605″ …]
    <img src=….. />
    [   /caption]

remove caption html

Overview of WordPress Admin panel

After successful logged in your wordpress, you’ll see the wordpress dashboard. WordPress Dashboard includes Write, Manage, Design and Comments panel.

Wordpress Dashboard


Write panel where you can write new post, page and link (blogroll).


Manage panel where you can manage posts, pages, categories, Tags, Media, Importing posts from wordpress xml file or other blogging system.


Design panel where you can change or edit your themes uploaded in your server under wp-content/themes folder.


Comments panel where you can handle all the comments such as deleting, editing and marking comments as spam for your posts.

The rest are Setting, Plugins and Users. WordPress dashboard displays all the information like Recent comments, Incoming link, News feed from WordPress Development blog, popular plugins from WordPress plugin directory and other wordpress news.

TypePad AntiSpam

I have been using Akismet, a free tool that can prevent spam comments, trackbacks and pingbacks for your blog, since I start blogging here. Last couple of months, I noticed that Akismet failed to prevent spam comments, trackbacks and pingbacks for my wordpress blog. Then I switched to Typepad Antispam as a test. I’m very pleased that it does pretty well and probably does better than Akismet.

Typepad Antispam

Typepad Antispam is a free tool to prevent comment spams for your blog just like Akismet. It is developed by Six Apart. It is available for Movable Type and WordPress blogs.

For wordpress blog

  1. Download the TypePad AntiSpam plugin.
  2. Unzip the archive and upload to plugins directory under wp-content of your wordpress blog.
  3. Deactivate the current Akismat plugin (if you’re using it)
  4. Get an API key. If you don’t have it, you can get TypeKey account. (It is FREE)
  5. Activate TypePad AntiSpam.
  6. Enter the API Key.
  7. Done!