WordPress Plugins: Permalinks Migration Plugin

Many of us are using either wordpress’s default permalink structure http://yourblog.com/?p=343 or http://yourblog.com/2008/09/03/your-post-title. We might probably lose visitors from other sites or bookmarks that links to our posts or even Google ranking after we changed the permalink structure from default. If you are going to change the permanent link structure of your wordpress blog, you should consider to use this plugin called Permalinks Migration Plugin. This plugin will automatically generate 301 redirect when your visitors or crawler when they visit your old permalinks and redirect them to new permanent address. This is a way to tell the search engine that your posts has moved and old address should be replaced by the new one. This doesn’t affect you search engine rankings like Google PR.

  • Installation is pretty easy. Download the plugin from author’s site and upload under wp-contents/plugins/ folder. And activate it.
  • Go to settings->PermalinksMigration and you will see the old permalink structure.
  • Go to settings->Permalinks. And change the permalink structure you want. Done!


7 responses to “WordPress Plugins: Permalinks Migration Plugin”

  1. How about I had a post with permalink with category structure as http://mmhan.net/lorem/post-title/ changed to http://mmhan.net/ipsum/post-title/ by changing its category?

    Could this plugin do the redirection?

  2. O.o, looks like you’ve got urself a spammer here.

  3. This plugin changes only link structure. Not the category structure. :D

    WordPress has ability to match the date, month, year, and word to relocate the post. For example:

    you can browse this post from this link


    WordPress will automatically redirect to original link. I think your one can be solved by WordPress itself.

  4. Great, that’s just what i was looking for. Do you have any experience by now what happens to listed pages in e.g. Google after changing the permalink structure? I have loads of #1 positioned articles for several keywords and i’m afraid they’ll be gone after the implementation and use of this plugin. Any thoughts or experience on this matter?

  5. […] some changes in my site. I changed the link structure of my site in last month with the help of permalink migration plugin. All of my old posts rank was temporary dropped at that time. After this Pagerank update, each has […]

  6. @McHow2

    There have been another Google PageRank update in this September 2008. All of my old posts PR back.

  7. I use this plugin for setting up SEo for my client who got Ugly permalink and this plugin does its job pretty well…