Working with wp-config.php in WordPress

Wordpress wp-config.php

You will probably meet this problem after you changed your database username and password in mysql or PhpMyAdmin in your hosting server or uploaded your wordpress folder from your local computer to your hosting server. This problem always happened while we’re restoring wordpress data including mysql data between local and your server. To solve this problem, open the wp-config.php located in wordpress folder and check whether the database name, username, password and mysql server host are correctly or not.


11 web sites for web designer

I collect 11 web sites that includes communities to show you who want to learn web design and want to know you how they design their web site and how those web sites are pretty look good , simple and attractive. Actually, I’m not web designer but I’m very interested in making web design , especially how they structure their web site ? how they use color in their web site and how to make attractive logos.


Setting up root password for Ubuntu

Ubuntuubuntu has no password for root user as default. If you want to reset root password, you need to use sudo passwd command in shell. To Open shell, click Applications » Accessories » Terminal. In shell, type sudo passwd. It will ask you password. Type your login password. (more…)

Kolorful WordPress Theme

Kolorful WordPress Theme

Now, it’s features are :

  • Three Columns
  • Page links show in Navigation
  • Two Columns when viewing in single post
  • Can get Printable version on each post (I’ve put extra print.css for printing, well work in both IE and Firefox. But I did not test for Safari yet)
  • Can set different color in Sidebar headers
  • Alternative color in comments
  • Excerpt posts for Archive, Category and Search
  • Archives.php (use for Page) includes list of Month, Year and Category

Kolorful Theme
.Zip includes manual help file

Updated : I’ve uploaded this theme in wordpress theme directory.

Suggestions or questions about this template ? Please leave a comment.

2nd Updated : For widget compatible,

Kolorful Theme (Widget Ready)
.Zip includes manual help file

If you think that this kolorful WordPress Theme is very useful for your blog, you can make a small donation which will boost me to create more themes in future.


Change single post title in wordpress

Basically, WordPress outputs the blog’s post title as “Blog Title >> Blog Archive >> Blog Post Title”.

For example :

Myo Kyaw Htun . com >> Blog Archive >> Hello World !

But most of the bloggers , they want to get the highest rank in Search Engine. This following code will boost in search engine ranking of your blog. So, if you want to change the way that I made, fine the <title> tag in header.php located in your default template. (Presentation >> Theme Editor). Replace the following codes between <title> and </title> tag.

<?php if ( is_single() ) { wp_title(' '); ?> » Blog Archive - <?php } ?><?php bloginfo('name'); ?>

So it will look something like that :

Hello World ! » Blog Archive » Myo Kyaw Htun . com