Claim your Twitter in Technorati

I have just read the post fom BlogHerald reported that Technorati is now indexing Twitter. So our twitts will be indexed after we claimed our twitter profile. So we can now search our twitter messages in Technorati? Anyway, if you have not claimed your twitter in Technorati yet, just do it now. To claim your Twitter in Technorati.

  1. Login to your Technorati account.
  2. Go to the blogs tab in your account.
  3. Type your twitter url in “Claim a Blog” and Click ‘Begin Claim
  4. Click ‘Use Post Claim‘.
  5. Copy the code given by Technorati and post in your twitter (you can delete it later on)
  6. Come back to Technorati and Click ‘Release the Spider!
  7. You’ve done! and your Twitter page is claimed.

Claim your Blog in Technorati

Claim A Blog

Choose claim method

Choose Claim Method

Activate the claim

Activate the claim

Post the code given by Technorati.

Post to Twitter

And come back to Twitter again and click ‘Release the Spiders!

Done! your Twitter page is claimed.

Twitter in Technorati

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7 responses to “Claim your Twitter in Technorati”

  1. At first attempt, I see this. =(

    Trying second time.

  2. Thant Zin
    Try again. I also had some problems while I was claiming my twitter.

    Good luck :)

  3. Kyi Kyi Myint Avatar
    Kyi Kyi Myint


  4. I was looking how to do this. Thank you!

  5. This is no more working.

    tecnhnorati has flagged the twitter to be claimed as blog any more!!!


  6. Thanks for the share, it’s useful tips, my tweeter claimed on technorati right now. ;)

  7. Hey, thanks for the post.

    I totally forgot technorati to claim the blog.

    very much appreciated.