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  • Posterous

    I have been using Posterous for a while. I haven’t write anything about it yet. I might be late to write about it or may be you don’t know it yet. Posterous is very simple service allows you to post everything to anywhere by just emailing to [email protected]. It will automatically posts to any services…

  • Kwippy – yet another Micro-blogging service

    Kwippy is another micro blogging service and it look likes Twitter but with comment features. I have been playing around with Kwippy in these days and found that it is a good way to share gTalk, Yahoo and Facebook status with your friends in one place.

  • Ping.fm

    Ping.fm a ping update service that lets you to update your status of your social network profiles, Blogging services and Micro blogging services from a one place. Services available in ping.fm such as Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn, Myspace, Bebo, Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Jaiku, Blogger and LiveJournal (WordPress will be come out soon). You can also post…