Google Chrome – Google’s another step to dominate the web

The whole web is talking about Google Chrome (, an open source browser based on it owns webkit and uses its Google Gears. An official comic book with 38 pages explained why they build Chrome. Sitepoint listed the features of Chrome based on comic. Is it another step to dominate the web?

Quarkbase – Everything About a Website

What to know the information of the site you are looking for? Quarkbase might be useful for you. It is a mashup of over 30 data sources from internet including Delicious, Digg and Technorati and categorized into topics like traffic, social popularity, technical, etc. It is worth to check out!

SEO Tip: Bold, Italic tags and Search Engine Optimization

bold text and SEO

Nowadays, many bloggers are trying to optimize their blogs in search engine as well as blogging. I myself also tried some of the techniques that I learned from internet to optimize my site too. Today, I just came across an interesting article about the basic of Search Engine Optimization explained that

Bold text <b>/<strong> is given more weight than ordinary text but not as much as H tags. As much as is reasonable, enclose the search term in bold tags when it appears on the page.

Another article explained that italic (<i>)/emphasic (<em>) tag is also important as well as bold tag.

When mentioning your keywords throughout the page, it’s helpful to put them into italics, bold, or emphasis (<em>) to make sure the search engines know that these words are important.

CSS <span> tags to format text, but search engines don’t have an easy way of determining either of these. Why make the search engines work harder than they need to? Use these basic HTML tags and help yourself (and the engines) out!

How much they will effect in SEO? It is hard to say that those are not really important but they are needed when optimizing the site.

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RarHost – Free File Hosting for .rar (WinRAR) Files

rarhostThere are many free file hosting services out there offer file hosting for every file formats but rarhost is free file hosting only designed for .rar files. you can upload an unlimited number of .rar (WinRAR) files and share with your friends. Limit is 150Mb per file with no upload limit. No signup required but FREE signing up will get the benefits to manage your files and check how many times a file has been downloaded.

Rarhost page


  • host unlimited .rar files online and share with friends.
  • 150mb size limit per .rar, split archives allowed with no upload limit.
  • view the contents of the archive before you download, ensuring it contains the files you want.
  • advanced password support, no more downloading a .rar just to find out you need a password!
  • file management system; keep track of your uploads, edit, delete etc. (signup feature)
  • check how many downloads your .rar has been downloaded. (signup feature)
  • files will only be removed if they have not been downloaded in 2 months, opposed to 30 days. (signup feature)

BeeMp3 – yet Another mp3 Search Engine

I’ve covered Skreemr mp3 search engine before. Beemp3 is similar to Skreemr which is a music search engine that has huge list of mp3 files available on the internet. It also displays information for each mp3 files like bitrate, duration, size and frequency like Skreemr has.


Currently, It indexed more than 800,000 mp3 files and added 10,000 mp3 files daily as they mentioned. If you can’t find mp3 files in Skreemr, Beemp3 is an alternative way.

Beemp3 download

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Chawt – Send SMS Free from Online

I did not use SMS free service from web before. I just came across from hongkiat blog posted about Chawt, a free SMS sending service from online that let you sent 80 characters message to any number. It requires signup and you need to activate your account with the activation code that they sent to your mobile number. Once you activate, you can sent SMS to any number over 160 countries. Message comes from your mobile number when you sent from Chawt so that they can reply to you back. Try Chawt!

Chawt – Another advertising marketplace

BuySellAds - Advertising Marktetplace

BuySellAds is another making money service for bloggers and webmasters. You can earn fixed-money buy selling ads from your site through their marketplace. You can register at BuySellAds buy simply filling up form along with your first name, last name, address, etc. As soon as they approved, you can add your sites as much as you want to get listed in their marketplace. Their commission is 25%, that’s good. For example, if you set your ads block to $20, they’ll take out $5 and you can earn $15. There is no minimal payment so that you can withdraw your earning whenever you want. As my experience BuySellAds service is great because they sent to me customized ad scripts code to fixed for my site design even I did not request. I suggested you to use this service if your site has high pagerank or high traffic. You can advertise here too. :)

p.s: This is NOT sponsored post.

.Asia Domain sales going on

DotAsia.Asia domain names are available from registration from today (February 26th, 2008). WebHostingInfo reported that Over half a million registrations have been received for the .Asia domain name to date, 24% of which came from Europe. .asia auctions hot in DotAsia.Org and here are some noticeable deals had made for .asia domain names

  • $20,501
  • $10,000
  • $7,600
  • $5,900
  • $5,700

Godaddy started selling .asia domain for $19.99 and you can register .asia domain names if your business, organization, or community group is located in one of the Asia-Pacific countries. If it is located outside of this region, your .asia registration must include at least one contact who resides in one of the Asia-Pacific countries.

Do you think you really need .asia domain for you or your business if you’re living in one of the Asia-Pacific countries ?