Post your blog feeds to twitter with TwitterFeed


I just found an interesting site called TwitterFeed that allows you to sent posts, published in your blogs, to your twitter. You need to have twitter account and OpenID account which is needed to login to TwitterFeed. To get openID account, try myopenid or myvidoop. This is my twitter you can follow.


7 responses to “Post your blog feeds to twitter with TwitterFeed”

  1. Twitter is the telegraph system of Web 2.0. :D (quoted from one of the Twitter users). Thanks man, me too , now I’m a Twitter.

  2. I read invitation to Twitter from ko KhunMoung in mail recently. I didn’t understand what for. But I know now. Thanks for your sharing. I also interest in it.

  3. nice one.. I used to use the twitter too.. but now, so boring to update on their site… instead, I update my status in facebook..

  4. Hi friend,
    I am jasmine.I study in3rd Eco. I live in Yangoon.
    Please replay me.

  5. ^^^^

    hehehe… =P

    hey bro.. mi a twitter user now.. follow me at

  6. Thanks
    I like your commended it.

  7. I hadn’t seen this tool. I love the application – thank you for making us aware.

    Great site content!