Hidden administrator account in Vista

If you want to login as administrator account in Windows Vista, you can use the following steps.

1. Run the command prompt as an administrator.

Run Command Prompt As Administrator in Vista

2. Type the following command in command prompt.

command prompt in Vista

net users administrator /active:yes

3. Then log off or switch user and you’ll see the administrator account in Vista Login.

Windows Vista Logon Screen

If you want to hide the administrator account back, just type following command

net users administrator /active:no

Note : You can also use the same technique for other account name too. Use ” ” for the name contains white spaces.


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  3. Bro…you can do it at Computer Management too (Run > compmgmt.msc) and Local Users and Groups.

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    This is quite useful for those who wish configure something which cannot be done using public accounts. So, nice info dude!

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