Adsense for Feeds ? When Google will launch ?

Adsense for FeedsI’m just curious after I saw Adsense for Feeds in Adsense’s Products and Features in Google Adsense Help. So what is Adsense for Feeds ?

AdSense for feeds works the way the rest of the AdSense program works, delivering ads that are so relevant to the content that readers find them useful. And when people click on these ads, Google pays you.

Please be aware that our beta test of AdSense for feeds is full and we are not accepting applications at this time. …

If you’re interested now, just practice the following ways they said the best practices for publishers participating in Adsense for Feeds program.

  • Syndicate the full text of your articles
  • Don’t include more than one ad unit per article
  • Place the ad unit at the end of articles
  • Include terms and conditions on the use of your feeds.

I did not hear any news for Feedvertising program for Google Adsense since Google acquired FeedBurner. I hope it will be launched soon!


11 responses to “Adsense for Feeds ? When Google will launch ?”

  1. That’s exactly my question too :) My personal opinion is that the blogging community will grow exponentially if an ad provider with Adsense’s quality will be used on a wide scale for feeds. Blogging will really pay off, and bloggers will be able to reinvest in their own blogs. It’s a gold mine and i think Google knows it too, too bad the blog space is not as standardized as the web, i guess that’s why they’re taking their time. We just can’t wait for it!

  2. Thanks for dropping by :) nice post u got there.

  3. Teo
    That’s right. I think Google will launch it too as soon as possible. Because they already have FeedBurner’s market.

    Teo, Thank for visiting and leaving comment in my blog.

  4. I contacted Google about this and they said all the publisher spots for Feed advertisers are filled so they are not offering it yet.

    Though since then I haven’t heard from them but still It will be cool only for bloggers with over 5 thousand to 10 thousand feed readers and thats rare

  5. DJ
    5 thousand to 10 thousand ? It is quiet big demand. If it is, only few publishers will participate in their program.

    Thanks DJ for your comment. :)

  6. Well, Google is supplying ads for the whole internet right now, almost no restrictions. I understand why smaller companies like FeedBurner or Pheedo would like their resources to go into more popular feeds, but as i said, Google really has the power to implement this on a wide scale. It would be too bad if they didn’t, everybody wins..

  7. Teo
    I hope they’ll make it for all publishers.

  8. did all the bove :D

  9. It’s officially released from BETA. You should see it in your Adsense products area as of today !!