Updating Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Microsoft released Windows Vista Service Pack 1 in these days, probably in March 18th, 2008. You can update Windows Vista from Windows Updates program.

First click View available updates.

Windows Update available Vista SP1

And checked Windows Service Pack 1. And click install.

Windows Update choose Vista SP1

You’ll be prompted to start Windows Vista Service Pack 1 installation. Click Next.

Install Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Check I accept the license terms on. And click ‘Next’.

Install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 License

Click Install to start Installation.

Install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Install

Installation might take sometime depending on your connection. After successful installation, you need to restart your machine.

Windows Update install Vista SP1

Standalone update available for x64 and x86


3 responses to “Updating Windows Vista Service Pack 1”

  1. I am still seeing the following message even after I have checked updates manually.

    No new updates are available for your computer.

  2. ThanZin
    Check the following:

    • You have not installed all the prior updates. You need to make sure that you’ve installed all available updates to this point, and then you should see SP1 in the list. (This includes optional updates for Vista Ultimate users)
    • You are using language not supported yet in SP1.
    • You are using hardware that isn’t supported at this point.
    • You used vLite for a custom build.
    • You have the beta SP1 installed. You need to remove the beta before you can install the final version.

    If you want to know more about please read this post from How to Geek

  3. Not a big fan of SP1 at this point or of updating in general really but I upgraded to a Quad Core the other day so decided on the format I’d install SP1.

    Had the chip running on Vista without SP installed and it was moving. Formatted the hard drive, installed SP and boom…IE & FF was loading/hanging to some extent and there was a drop in overall performance.

    Ended up reformatting again and running Vista without SP. Runs like a dream now.