WordPress tutorials for beginner (series)

Thoughts just come up in my mind in during these days that I’m having guts to write WordPress tutorials especially for bloggers who want to start blogging using WordPress.org in their own host. I’ve been spending most of my spare time in blogging in blogger (blogspot) for a year though I created account in December 2005.

I’ve learned that some of blogs in blogsophere wrote up wordpress tutorials lately. But I want to have my own reference about the things which I’m using and of course I also want to focus on one topic I’m currently interested. And I also have a feeling that writing tutorials and tips/tricks are the best way to improve one’s curiosity to try out his current niche of interest and those makes easier to remember when forgot. Anyway, I’ll try to post as much as I can.


One response to “WordPress tutorials for beginner (series)”

  1. Hello, thanx a lot for such informative articles, i am new to wordpress and these days i am trying to learn it at my localhost,
    i successfully installed wordpress at my machine but i am facing problem in installing new themes, i put that theme folder at wp-content/themes directory but those theme are not visible in my admin panel, please guide me.