You can check the availability of usernames for many social networking sites at UserNameCheck. Its can check if a particular username is available or taken for many sites in one click.


Intersquash – Turn your feeds into iPhone compatible interface

Intersquash is an online tool that allows you to make your web site feeds into iPhone or iPod Touch compatible web interface. Using Intersquash is easy, just type your feed url and title for your web site then click ‘Iphoneize my website!’ and it will give you the url. You can also upload your own icon (57 x 57) and embed Javascript code in your site that will automatically redirects to iPhone/iPod Touch interface when somebody browsing with iPhone/iPod Touch. That’s all.

Alternatively, you can also try this online tool called iPhone Builder.

Clay Pots


Back in those days, people normally stopped by whenever they see such clay pots. Yes, just to have a sip of water to heal their thirst along the way. On the other hand, the donors fill up these pots with clean water believing to attain the blessings from Lord Buddha in their next lives. Nowadays, advancement in our lifestyles and society introduced so called BOTTLED DRINKING WATER. Consequently, I’m not sure whether we will see such clay pots in the future .


Do you see plastic strings attaching the cups. Any guess? :D



This is the craziest stuff I have ever done. :P I took my eye by myself using Macro mode and edited in Lightroom.

WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 is available for download at site.The features I like most from this version are revamped Admin panel, Comments enhancement in theme function, Quick press (Easy to publish post from Dashboard) and new layout arranged in Post editor enables me publishing blog posts more quickly. Well done, WordPress Team!

Convert Media files online with Media Convert

In case you want to convert some audio formats like AMR to Mp3 when you’re using from Internet Cafe or the PC that doesn’t have audio converter, Media Convert is useful for you. Media Convert is an online converter that you can convert any audio format into any output format. It also supports document conversion as well. This site is pretty useful though it has full of ads.