Google Social Search

Google rolled out a new experiment on Google labs known as Google Social Search that helps you find more relevant results from public content of your friends and contacts from your Google profiles. To enable this feature, you have to login with your Gmail account and go to Google experimental page and enable the Google Social Search. This video demonstrates how you can find relevant contents with Google social search and how Google social search works. Since Google introduced Google public profile page back in April 2009, I have added many social networking sites i am using, in my Google profile account. Now I can get the tweet or status updates or even photos result from Flickr or Picasa of my contacts and friends bottom of Google search page after enabling Google Social Search.


Wibiya is a javascript widget includes a set of tools let your visitor browse, search, translate and randomly show your blog posts, share to any social medias and become Facebook fan through your blog and get you more Twitter followers.



Wibiya has Google and local search (your blog search) and results are shown in your site, your site content is still remain.

Translate, Recent posts and Ramdom posts

For translation, Wibiya uses Google translate and Recent posts shows the latest posts with thumbnail. Random let your visitors to browse your posts randomly.

Social tools

RSS, Share button, Facebook and Twitter make Wibiya widget useful for your blog. Share button allows your visitors to share anywhere like delicious, digg, stumbleupon, etc. Facebook fan and community tool allows Facebook users to become the fan of your blog and they can share any posts of your blog in their profile. Twitter tool, I find is that it is very useful because it allows Twitter users to tweet your posts instantly from your site that can get traffic for your site.

Wibiya is in beta state

Currently, Wibiya is in beta state but you can request to get beta invite (of course, you have to wait for a while). I added it today and will use it for sometimes to see the results.

Google Wave and invitation give away

Google Wave, a promising online collaboration and real-time communication tool from Google that I have been waiting for is now in my browser. I heard from some news in these days that it is second round invites send by Google. Luckily that I got the chance to use it today. Google Wave interface is pretty similar to Gmail interface and it has Navigation, Contacts, Wave preview and Wave panels. Every new wave you created can be shared to any contact in your contacts list. They can share, reply with rich text html, links, embedded video like Youtube, photos and map in wave. For me, it is hard to describe what it is. But it seems like Google try to organizes email system with chat, documents, photos and extensions with sharing capability. I got 8 invitations in my Google wave account just to nominate for next round. (Remember the invitation is just to nominate so you won’t be able to use Google wave directly but you have more likely to get to access Google wave next round.) Anyone of you interested to test Google wave, please leave your comments here so that I will sent invitations to you.

google_wave which is similar to that allows you to put together all your social networking profiles in a one place. It shows all of your profile links and latest updates from your social profile like Twitter, Flickr and blog posts on your page.


Snippage an adobe AIR application turns any parts of the web pages into widget with its simple crop tool. So that you can put and move around them on your desktop like the way you’re doing  with Windows Sidebar widget or Google Desktop. It is pretty simple, just download Snippage AIR from Snippage and install it (your system must have Adobe AIR run time installed, if you don’t have you can grab from Adobe for FREE). After you installed Snippage, open it and type the web address on browser, drag and size the snipmarks where you can to capture and click scissor button. That’s!