Tweet Cube – Share files on Twitter

Tweet Cube is the free file sharing service for twitter that you can upload as images, videos, audios and other files as you want and share with your followers on twitter. Maximum upload size is 10MB and old files you uploaded in Tweet Cube will be deleted after 30 days.

Tweet Cube

There is similar service called twit+ but it doesn’t store your files.

Thanks, mmhan a ping update service that lets you to update your status of your social network profiles, Blogging services and Micro blogging services from a one place. Services available in such as Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn, Myspace, Bebo, Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Jaiku, Blogger and LiveJournal (WordPress will be come out soon). You can also post via like Gtalk, AOL, iGoogle, Facebook app, iPhone and Mobile App. Tired of updating your all of your status? Try Though it is in private beta invitation, you can signup by using beta code “pingsauce” (remove quote) to get access.

Twubble – expand your twitter bubble

Want to expand your followings on Twitter? You can now expand your following on Twitter with the tool called Twubble. Twubble, Bob Lee‘s project that can look at your existing friends’ friends from your Twitter and it can recommend new twitters for you to follow. It looks like friend suggestions feature from social networking sites like hi5? I think it is the best way to find and follow new twitters. But what happened when you follow too many on twitter? Anway, if you want to expand your twitter, you should try Twubble.


Share photos on Twitter with TwitPic


TwitPic allows you to post photos on your twitter from its website or via phone. First you need to login to your twitter account to upload your photo in TwitPic. TwitPic will post the permanent photo link along with the place, tags and message that you save in TwitPic while you’re uploading your photo.

TwitPic Post!

You’ll get your own url in TwitPic same as your Twitter Name (example: TwitPic also has an API for developers too. You should check it out, if you’re Twitter fan. By the way, don’t forget to follow me on twitter.

Claim your Twitter in Technorati

I have just read the post fom BlogHerald reported that Technorati is now indexing Twitter. So our twitts will be indexed after we claimed our twitter profile. So we can now search our twitter messages in Technorati? Anyway, if you have not claimed your twitter in Technorati yet, just do it now. To claim your Twitter in Technorati.

  1. Login to your Technorati account.
  2. Go to the blogs tab in your account.
  3. Type your twitter url in “Claim a Blog” and Click ‘Begin Claim
  4. Click ‘Use Post Claim‘.
  5. Copy the code given by Technorati and post in your twitter (you can delete it later on)
  6. Come back to Technorati and Click ‘Release the Spider!
  7. You’ve done! and your Twitter page is claimed.

Claim your Blog in Technorati

Claim A Blog

Choose claim method

Choose Claim Method

Activate the claim

Activate the claim

Post the code given by Technorati.

Post to Twitter

And come back to Twitter again and click ‘Release the Spiders!

Done! your Twitter page is claimed.

Twitter in Technorati

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