Month: September 2007

  • Analyze your site with reinvigorate

    I’m currently enjoy using reinvigorate because of it’s full stats live update, Web 2.0 layout design and it’s client snoop program that track in real time. You should try it out! But at the moment, it is in private invite version.

  • Top 6 tips when you comment to other blogs

    Commenting to other blogs is not only the best way to gain relationship between you and the other bloggers but also the getting of new visitors came across from the other blogs you commented. Here I gave you the tips I learn from blogging.

  • DzSoft PHP Editor and EnginSite Editor for PHP

    Usually, I’m playing PHP development using Notepad, EditPlus and Dreamweaver. I have never knew before that PHP IDE exists. Yesterday, Michael Sync told me that he is looking for PHP IDE that includes debugging feature and other some features like breakpoints, watchpoints included in Microsoft Visual Studio. I was googling and found two PHP IDE…

  • Test your web site look with Browsershots

    With Browsershots, you can test your site design in different browsers in different operating systems depending on your request. Browsershots makes snapshots your web site and it also make zip file that includes all of snapshots. You have to wait for at least more than 20 minutes whenever you renew your request. You have options…

  • May she rest in peace

    My friend’s mom, teacher Daw Aye Aye, just passed away in the morning on september 11, 2007. She came for treatment and lived here, Bangkok, for more than a month. I really feel sorry for my friend and his family. May she rest in peace.

  • SkreemR – Mp3 Search

    SkreemR is a mp3 search engine where you can find mp3, which are hosted in the internet sites. They don’t actually hosted any mp3 files they just index what exists on the publicly accessible reaches of the internet, as they said in about page. One thing I like this SkreemR is that it shows the…

  • Google Reader added Search feature

    Google Reader, my favorite RSS reader now added search feature. A search box is located top of the reading panel. New search feature let you to search in different categories like starred items, shared items and folder names.