WordPress plugins I’m using for my site

I’ve been blogging using wordpress for more than a year now. I noticed that I didn’t test too many plugins that appeared every weeks from Weblog Tools Collection and other blog sites which are related to WordPress. Here I have make a list of plugins which are currently using for my site and really useful for me.

Add Meta Tags

Add Meta Tags, This plugin automatically adds Description and Keywords META tags to your site. While browsing particular post or page, it generates summary of your blog post as Description and categories as keywords.


With Adsense-Deluxe you can embed Google Adsense ads script code inside your post because WordPress tinyMCE doesn’t allow you to put script!


Akismet, a built-in plugin that prevents from spam comments. You need to have wordpress.com API key to use.

FeedBurner Feedsmith

Feedsmith, this plugin automatically redirects from your blog feed link to your feedburner link so you don’t miss RSS subscribers.

Full Text Feed

Full Text feed, that can prevent from showing Read more in your feed.

Google Analtyics

Google Analytics, this plugin will insert your Google Anatlyics javascript to your wordpress head section.

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap, this plugin generates sitemap xml of your wordperss blog which is sitemaps.org compatible. It can notify your site changes to Google, Ask, Yahoo and MSN Search whenever you update or publish new entries in your blog.

Subscribe to Comment

Subscribe to Comment allows your visitor to receive email notification of new comments by email that are posted on an entry. So they’ll come back again!


Wp-Cache, this plugin stores your dynamic page as static page and shows your visitors requested from the file instead of loading the dynamic page from database. That makes more improvement in response of your site.

Wp 2.3 Related Posts

WordPress implemented tags feature since wordpress 2.3 came out. Wp 2.3 Related Post plugin generate the list of related posts from tags of your blog posts.

Plugins I don’t use but I like

Which plugins do you use? Please share your experience with it. I want to hear from you.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.5 and How to

I really wanted to use new wordpress 2.5 version for this site since I’ve been testing RC1 release in my local. Because of new database changes, new refreshed admin panel, improved post editor (image uploading, gallery and full screen editing, etc.), ability to upgrade plugin automatically and much more in WordPress 2.5. Today, I just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 for my site and it was successful without having any problems. As my experience, I download the latest release from wordpress site, and I disabled all the plugins i’m using for my wordpres. After that I upload all the files from wordpress zip files. Then I run upgrade.php file from wp-admin folder. It upgrades automatically. Then I enable plugins again. Here are the simple steps you can upgrade wordpress 2.5 from ealier version.

Backup database first !!!

This is really important for your blog!. Backup your wordpress by using both exporting your wordpress method and downloading database files from your MySql database method.

Download the Latest Release

Download the latest release from WordPress site. And extract that zip file into your local machine.

Disable all the plugins

Go to the plugins page and mark the active plugins which are currently using for your blog. Then diactivate them.

Upload the WordPress files

Upload the WordPress files from your machine to the your site using FTP program.

Run Upgrade

type your site url and /wp-admin/upgrade.php . (example: http://www.example.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php). If you installed wordpress different from your home page, Use something like this (example: http://www.example.com/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php)

Successful Upgrade

After successful upgrading, it will redirect to new interface login page.

Reactivate your plugins

You disabled your plugins before you upgrade. So you must activate them again inorder to run your wordpress without any problems.

WP Bulk Image Downloader

If you’re blogging in wordpress.com for long time and what if you want to blog in your own hosted blog ? This is one of the biggest problems every blogger face while we’re moving to our own. Backing up your wordpress blog by using export feature in wordpress or using third party web app like BlogBackupOnline does not mean complete backing up your blog. They only backup our blog posts and comments without posted image in our blog posts.

Michael Sync created an application that can download all of your images which you posted in wordpress.com or your self hosted wordpress.

I noticed that there is no way to bulk-download all of my images from WordPress account to my local disk. I didn’t want to copy each and every images manually so I wrote this tool that can scan each and every urls from my blog and create the directory based on the URL. And then, download them into my local harddisk.

WP Bulk Image Downloader is written in C# and source code are available for download. You should check out !

WP Bulk Image Downloader

WP Bulk Image Downloader

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

WordpressI just upgraded to WordPress 2.3. Usually, upgrading wordpress is easy task but not this time. I met a lot of problems while upgrading to 2.3. I disabled some of plugins that use wordpress category table which removed in 2.3. Thanks for Tags, update notification, improved Tiny MCE editor and Pending review features implemented in WordPress 2.3. I disabled Sitemap generator, Ultimate Tag Warrior, Add META Tag plugin as a result.

p.s : I’m going to make two WordPress themes available for download soon.

WordPress tutorials for beginner (series)

Thoughts just come up in my mind in during these days that I’m having guts to write WordPress tutorials especially for bloggers who want to start blogging using WordPress.org in their own host. I’ve been spending most of my spare time in blogging in blogger (blogspot) for a year though I created account in December 2005.

I’ve learned that some of blogs in blogsophere wrote up wordpress tutorials lately. But I want to have my own reference about the things which I’m using and of course I also want to focus on one topic I’m currently interested. And I also have a feeling that writing tutorials and tips/tricks are the best way to improve one’s curiosity to try out his current niche of interest and those makes easier to remember when forgot. Anyway, I’ll try to post as much as I can.

Optimize search engine using META tags and Meta Tags plugins in WordPress

A normal HTML document that includes META tags which is inside in header tag elements. Meta tags elements are used to provide the information of your document. And also it is also used to provide the information for search engines like describing your document. In SEO world, keywords (is not sure) and description meta elements are probably effective tools to boost in search engine for your web pages.


Working with wp-config.php in WordPress

Wordpress wp-config.php

You will probably meet this problem after you changed your database username and password in mysql or PhpMyAdmin in your hosting server or uploaded your wordpress folder from your local computer to your hosting server. This problem always happened while we’re restoring wordpress data including mysql data between local and your server. To solve this problem, open the wp-config.php located in wordpress folder and check whether the database name, username, password and mysql server host are correctly or not.