Month: May 2008

  • Adocu – Nano Blogging?

    Adocu another online tools that you can update your status and let your friends know what you’re doing now. The service is very simple. It allows you to post your status which must be one word, long or short, without space. They called it nano-blogging. You must register to post. Registration takes only few seconds.…

  • Tweet Cube – Share files on Twitter

    Tweet Cube is the free file sharing service for twitter that you can upload as images, videos, audios and other files as you want and share with your followers on twitter. Maximum upload size is 10MB and old files you uploaded in Tweet Cube will be deleted after 30 days. There is similar service called…

  • Life on rails

    Life on rails This photo was taken while the train stopped when I went back to Mandalay by train. Those vendor are selling regional food and some drinks while the trains stopped. This place is called Ela where it is very close to Nay Pyi Daw, the new capital of Myanmar (Burma).

  • WordPress plugins I’m using for my site

    I’ve been blogging using wordpress for more than a year now. I noticed that I didn’t test too many plugins that appeared every weeks from Weblog Tools Collection and other blog sites which are related to WordPress. Here I have make a list of plugins which are currently using for my site and really useful…

  • ReadAir – Google Reader AIR Application

    Fan of Google Reader? You can read Google Reader on your destkop with ReadAir. ReadAir runs on Adobe AIR so that you need Adobe AIR before you install it.

  • Death photos after Nargis Cyclone

    I felt sad now after look up this album from Picasa. I thought that those death people are unaware of their faith. Album contains 146 photos of natural calamity and death photos by Nargis cyclone in Myanmar. Some photos might be disturbing for some viewers. p.s: I really don’t know who took those photos and…

  • a ping update service that lets you to update your status of your social network profiles, Blogging services and Micro blogging services from a one place. Services available in such as Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn, Myspace, Bebo, Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Jaiku, Blogger and LiveJournal (WordPress will be come out soon). You can also post…

  • Myanmar allows U.S. military relief flights

    YANGON (Reuters) – Myanmar’s junta has given the U.S. military permission to fly in relief supplies for the survivors of Cyclone Nargis, Thai Supreme Commander Boonsrang Niumpradit told Reuters on Thursday. “We have helped the Americans to talk to the Myanmar government to allow U.S. planes participating in Cobra Gold to fly humanitarian aid to…

  • Page2RSS

    Page2RSS can create the feeds from any web page where it does not offer RSS feeds. So that you can keep tracking the latest updates from your reader. Feeds include the new content and the links. via: Google Operating System

  • Cyclone deaths ‘may top 100,000’

    Cyclone deaths ‘may top 100,000’ The death toll from the cyclone that ravaged the Irrawaddy delta in Myanmar may exceed 100,000, the senior U.S. diplomat in the military-ruled country says. Cyclone deaths ‘may top 100,000’ (CNN)