Changing Password in WordPress

It is really important that you should change your password immediately when you logged in your wordpress panel for this first time after fresh installation of your WordPress. To change your password, click admin link next to “Howdy” text message in upper right corner of your WordPress panel Or type in browser address bar.

You can change Color scheme of your admin panel, First name, Last name, Nickname, Display name which is used for author name is blog post, contact information, etc in Profile section. This is a WordPress newbie series. I will keep posting like this tutorial in future.

Google updates PageRank again

There have been another PageRank update from Google. I found many of my friends’ sites having dropped PR. Some still remains. I also found some changes in my site. I changed the link structure of my site in last month with the help of permalink migration plugin. All of my old posts rank was temporary dropped at that time. After this Pagerank update, each has its own pagerank back. Do you see any changes of site rank?

Saying “Hello” to Thumblelog

I created new thumblelog feature for my blog. The reason why I created this thumblelog feature is that I have too many things to share, which I can’t write in review styled posts. This post is just to say “Hello” to my new born thumblelog. I will share some useful links and resources here as well as blog posts.