Create Your Manga Face Avatar with FaceYourManga

Face your manga is a flash tool allows you to create an avatar for you or your friends in a few steps. You can choose face type, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hairs, clothes, etc which match your face features. Once you finished selecting, it will ask your email address to sent your avatar as an attachment. Download the attachment and you can use as avatar in your IMs!

Faceyourmanga mng

RarHost – Free File Hosting for .rar (WinRAR) Files

rarhostThere are many free file hosting services out there offer file hosting for every file formats but rarhost is free file hosting only designed for .rar files. you can upload an unlimited number of .rar (WinRAR) files and share with your friends. Limit is 150Mb per file with no upload limit. No signup required but FREE signing up will get the benefits to manage your files and check how many times a file has been downloaded.

Rarhost page


  • host unlimited .rar files online and share with friends.
  • 150mb size limit per .rar, split archives allowed with no upload limit.
  • view the contents of the archive before you download, ensuring it contains the files you want.
  • advanced password support, no more downloading a .rar just to find out you need a password!
  • file management system; keep track of your uploads, edit, delete etc. (signup feature)
  • check how many downloads your .rar has been downloaded. (signup feature)
  • files will only be removed if they have not been downloaded in 2 months, opposed to 30 days. (signup feature)

MoFuse makes Pro version FREE

MoFuse, a tool to create your site/blog into mobile compatible version, announced that they make Pro version free. Previously, professional version costs $3/month and has lots of features is now available for everyone. Now you will be able to use some of the professional features such as custom domain, Admob or Google Adsense, etc. I’ve setup the mobile version for this site and you can now access from your mobile


via: Problogger

Readbag – read your links later on

If you’re familiar with bookmarking services like, you would probably find that Readbag isn’t a fantastic one. Readbag is a tool that let you store the links which you want to read later on. It will automatically archive the links after you visited in Readbag.


Readbag uses Google App engine so you only have to login with your Google account. Readbag has options to share your links as feed or share your links to other social bookmarking sites. API and offline mode are available in Readbag too!

readbag links

Feed Compare

Feed compare that lets you compare Feedburner subscribers count of up to four blog feeds in a row. To compare feed, it is pretty simple, just put the url of the feed or the name of the feed and then click Compare. You can compare stats from a month to two years. If you want to compare your feed to other, you must have the Feedburner Awareness API enabled.

feed compare

Buzz about Feed Compare

Adocu – Nano Blogging?

Adocu another online tools that you can update your status and let your friends know what you’re doing now. The service is very simple. It allows you to post your status which must be one word, long or short, without space. They called it nano-blogging. You must register to post. Registration takes only few seconds.

adocu - blogging gone nano

This service seemed to be launched before it was ready because there is no other way to update the status, IM bot and API. But it is still in beta. Waiting for improvement.

Micro blogging services

Tweet Cube – Share files on Twitter

Tweet Cube is the free file sharing service for twitter that you can upload as images, videos, audios and other files as you want and share with your followers on twitter. Maximum upload size is 10MB and old files you uploaded in Tweet Cube will be deleted after 30 days.

Tweet Cube

There is similar service called twit+ but it doesn’t store your files.

Thanks, mmhan a ping update service that lets you to update your status of your social network profiles, Blogging services and Micro blogging services from a one place. Services available in such as Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn, Myspace, Bebo, Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Jaiku, Blogger and LiveJournal (WordPress will be come out soon). You can also post via like Gtalk, AOL, iGoogle, Facebook app, iPhone and Mobile App. Tired of updating your all of your status? Try Though it is in private beta invitation, you can signup by using beta code “pingsauce” (remove quote) to get access.