Twubble – expand your twitter bubble

Want to expand your followings on Twitter? You can now expand your following on Twitter with the tool called Twubble. Twubble, Bob Lee‘s project that can look at your existing friends’ friends from your Twitter and it can recommend new twitters for you to follow. It looks like friend suggestions feature from social networking sites like hi5? I think it is the best way to find and follow new twitters. But what happened when you follow too many on twitter? Anway, if you want to expand your twitter, you should try Twubble.


Super Screenshot

Super Screenshot

When I saw the web site has beautiful interface that catch my eyes, I always tried to take snapshot and keep in my PC. At that time, I scrolled down my mouse and took snapshot again and again until i get the bottom of that site. Now I found Super Screenshot that can take the snapshot of the entire website address. Unlike Browsershots, It uses only Safari rendering engine and of course It doesn’t take much time to generate. It has so many options like only top screen or full screen, size of your web site (x-small, small, medium, large and full) and Image formats (JPG or PNG). Here is Screenshot of my site.

via: NirmalTV

Share photos on Twitter with TwitPic


TwitPic allows you to post photos on your twitter from its website or via phone. First you need to login to your twitter account to upload your photo in TwitPic. TwitPic will post the permanent photo link along with the place, tags and message that you save in TwitPic while you’re uploading your photo.

TwitPic Post!

You’ll get your own url in TwitPic same as your Twitter Name (example: TwitPic also has an API for developers too. You should check it out, if you’re Twitter fan. By the way, don’t forget to follow me on twitter.

Test your web site look with Browsershots


With Browsershots, you can test your site design in different browsers in different operating systems depending on your request. Browsershots makes snapshots your web site and it also make zip file that includes all of snapshots. You have to wait for at least more than 20 minutes whenever you renew your request. You have options to select Screen size, Color depth, Javascript, Java and Flash. I think, it is very good for web developers who don’t use multiple operating systems. Currently, Browsershots uses Epiphany 2.18, Firefox (1.5, 2.0), Konqueror 3.5 & Opera 9.23 on Linux (Ubuntu 6.06, 7.04) and Firefox (1.5, 2.0), MSIE (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0), Opera 9.23 & Safari 3.0 on Windows and Firefox 2.0 & Safari (1.3, 2.0) on Mac OS.