How to remove older linux image from GRUB menu

When you happened to upgrade ubuntu to newer version while you’re using dual boot, you may notice that GRUB menu shows not only the current linux kernel version but also older versions too.

To remove those menus, you directly go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager and then find “linux-image” and leave the latest version number and mark as all other the menu starts with “linux-image” for uninstall … (see the screenshot below: in my case, linux-image-2.6.32-25-neneric is old linux kernel image version). Hope this help!

Linux image GRUB remove

How to remove installed fonts in Ubuntu

In newer versions of Ubuntu, font installation got easier than earlier versions. Just click the font file and click “Install” in font preview. But it doesn’t give you uninstall functionality. To remove the custom fonts that you installed in Ubuntu, open Terminal and type:

cd /home/username/.fonts

P.S: replace username with your username. Type ls so that you can see the font files that you installed in your Ubuntu. Type rm to remove.

How to change custom resolution in Ubuntu 10

I have been looking for the solution since I use Ubuntu 10 as an alternative OS with Windows. The only problem is that it doesn’t display correct resolution 1680×1050 for my 22″ HP Monitor (HPw2228h). I came across over this Xrandr Configuration from Ubuntu official documentation and this tread from Ubuntu Forum. Combine these two solutions, I finally manage to get correct resolution in Ubuntu.


Upload photos to Twitter via Flickr

Flickr did not tell that they have a new service to post your photos to Twitter from Flickr directly. If you have both Flickr and Twitter account, just login to Flickr and follow this link ( and allow Flickr service in your Twitter account. Then Flickr will give you the email address to you that you can sent to Twitter. Attach the photo in your email and sent to the email address provided by Flickr.

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SEO Tip: Bold, Italic tags and Search Engine Optimization

bold text and SEO

Nowadays, many bloggers are trying to optimize their blogs in search engine as well as blogging. I myself also tried some of the techniques that I learned from internet to optimize my site too. Today, I just came across an interesting article about the basic of Search Engine Optimization explained that

Bold text <b>/<strong> is given more weight than ordinary text but not as much as H tags. As much as is reasonable, enclose the search term in bold tags when it appears on the page.

Another article explained that italic (<i>)/emphasic (<em>) tag is also important as well as bold tag.

When mentioning your keywords throughout the page, it’s helpful to put them into italics, bold, or emphasis (<em>) to make sure the search engines know that these words are important.

CSS <span> tags to format text, but search engines don’t have an easy way of determining either of these. Why make the search engines work harder than they need to? Use these basic HTML tags and help yourself (and the engines) out!

How much they will effect in SEO? It is hard to say that those are not really important but they are needed when optimizing the site.

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How to allow more than one port for SSH in Linux

Normally we’re using port number 22 for SSH. If you want to change default port number from 22 to other port number or add another ports for SSH, you can edit in sshd_config under /etc/ssh. To edit sshd_config file, type the following in Terminal or SSH client (SSH Secure Shell or Putty).

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config


vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Find “Port“. And change 22 to any port number you want or add another port numbers below.

SSH Port

How to remove image caption in WordPress 2.6

image captionNew version of wordpress 2.6 includes Image captioning feature that automatically adds caption under your images like in BBC and CNN news site. It is pretty good if you like. But what if you don’t want to put little caption under your image? Here is a very simple trick.

  1. Switch to HTML mode
  2. Remove the code something like this (before img HTML tag)
    [   caption id=”attachment_605″ …]
    <img src=….. />
    [   /caption]

remove caption html

Download media files with Safari Browser

Safari browser has powerful tool called Activity that tracks all the activities running behind the page. That makes you easier to download media files from the page you’re visiting.

First, open Safarai browser and browse the address you like to download media file (mp3 or flv). For example : YouTube.

Safari Browser

Click Activity menu under Windows in Safari browser. Or press Ctrl+Alt+L.

Safari Browser Activity Menu

Select the url or media file that more than MB. And double click on it. Safari will launch new browser window and start downloading that file.

Safari Browser Activity Window

For those who want to convert FLV to Audio and Video files you can try FLV Extract program from

via: (in Burmese language)

How to run php script in shell

If you want to run php script in shell, simply put the following line at the beginning of your php file.


#!/path/to/php is the path you installed php in linux. If you don’t know where php is installed in your linux. Type the following command

which php

This will output the php path from your linux. The output will be something like this


For example: hello.php

echo "Hello World!";

Make your php script executable by typing

chmod +x hello.php

And then run it


You’ll see

Hello World!

What’s your 404 ?

404 Not FoundYour visitor will probably see “Not found” or “The page cannot be found” while they are visitng your site. The reasons might be one of the following:

  • they follow an incorrect link (from some of the sites that refer to yours)
  • they typed link incorrectly
  • Or your page have been moved or deleted.

The error number 404 or Page not found error message occurs when the server could not find the page what the client requested. For this case, you should an 404 error document that useful for your visitors and let them know that they’re visiting wrong page and explain what’s 404 Error as much as you can. Or you can redirect to your main site.

For windows IIS server, follow the steps from Microsoft support to create a custom 404 error file and for Linux, create .htaccess under your directory and write the following code:

ErrorDocument 404 /error/404.html #file must be your own one.

WordPress has a feature to display 404 error when your visitors visit your delete posts or wrong page . To create 404 error page, create a file named 404.php under your current theme and put helpful information for your visitors. Alexking created a 404 notifier wordpress plugin that can keeps a log of 404 and notify you by email notifications of these hits.

Check out my 404 error page and what’s yours ?