Myo Kyaw Htun . com has PageRank 5 !!!

Google Pagerank toolbarToday, woke up early and sat in front of computer and then I saw a tiny PageRank bar from Google Toolbar shows that my site has PageRank 5. Wow! I can’t believe my eyes. And then I was checking with the following tools to see my site PageRank.

prchecker Myo Kyaw Htun . com PageRank 5

All of those PR checkers show that My site has PageRank 5. I visited my and my brother’s web site. What I found is that each has PageRank 4. Then I continued visiting my friends sites and I noticed that they’re also having increased PageRank.

Honestly, my site doesn’t have huge traffic except when I created and posted new theme and has less than 100 visitors a day sometimes less than 50. Most come from other sites that are using my themes or posted about my WordPress Themes but not directly. Anyway, my site has PageRank 5 !!!

How to reset regional language to English in Windows Live Writer

doesn’t have an option to change the default language where you’re living to other language in setting. When I download Live writer from Thailand, it gives me which is Thai version. I don’t see any option to select the language in download page.

During setup, I requested my friend to install it because setup is also in Thai language so I did not understand. After I installed, I see all the menus and setting are in Thai language.


ApploPress WordPress Theme

This is my third WordPress Theme. This theme is a little bit look like Apple home page but not at all. So I name it, ApploPress. Have fun and enjoy using my theme.

ApploPress WordPress Theme

ApploPress WordPress Theme is

  • Three columns template (optional codes to 4 columns, read extended.txt in zip file)
  • Fixed Width
  • Widget Compatible
  • Tags for WordPress 2.3 + ( uncomment the_tag() function in single.php)
  • Page links Navigation
  • Excerpt posts for Archive, Category and Search
  • Archives.php (use for Page) includes list of Month, Year and Category
  • XHTML and CSS valid

Download this theme

Thanks my brother, Myo Han Htun who designed this theme.

Ziki has monetizing and widget features

ZikiWhat is Ziki ? Ziki is a social network where members can describe their personality, interests, skills with their own keywords to connect with other members just like any other social network can. In Ziki, you can gather all your blog entries, links, flickr photos, youtube videos and much more, share your content you created, promote yourself, build your own web network. And what they offer is that the first 10,000 who register will gain a 10$ sponsorship in Google, Yahoo and MSN. (I’m not sure that 10$ sponsorship is still available for new register because I registered on January 2007.)


Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

WordpressI just upgraded to WordPress 2.3. Usually, upgrading wordpress is easy task but not this time. I met a lot of problems while upgrading to 2.3. I disabled some of plugins that use wordpress category table which removed in 2.3. Thanks for Tags, update notification, improved Tiny MCE editor and Pending review features implemented in WordPress 2.3. I disabled Sitemap generator, Ultimate Tag Warrior, Add META Tag plugin as a result.

p.s : I’m going to make two WordPress themes available for download soon.