WordPress Plugin to post Twitter and Facebook is a new URL shortening service developed by Stumbleupon that allows you to post your Blog post and message  Twitter and Facebook via your WordPress. has a feature that update automatically to Twitter and Facebook whenever you publish new blog post. has customization options allow you to customize posting to Twitter or use the default setting. If you check on the first option “Post to Twitter”, you will see extra option in New/Edit post page. Another great feature from is that you can use url shortening with your own domain name. (example: instead of


Currently is in invite beta but you can sign up by using invite code “suprbeta”. API key is required to use for your wordpress plugin. You can find API key in setting page.

UnBlock Me

UnBlock Me is a simple iPhone/iPod Touch puzzle game. The goal of this game is that you have to get the red block out of board by sliding the other wooden blocks vertically and horizonally. It is simple but addictive one. You can try UnBlock Me lite version which has 200 levels and 1,000 levels for full version is just about $0.99. Download FREE and Paid version form iTunes Store.


Upload photos to Twitter via Flickr

Flickr did not tell that they have a new service to post your photos to Twitter from Flickr directly. If you have both Flickr and Twitter account, just login to Flickr and follow this link ( and allow Flickr service in your Twitter account. Then Flickr will give you the email address to you that you can sent to Twitter. Attach the photo in your email and sent to the email address provided by Flickr.

via: Digital Insipiration

Create your profile picture with Mypictr

This service is cool if you want to crop your face from group photo when you upload to social networking sites. Some social networking site like Facebook offers this feature but most of them don’t. The service is called Mypictr. Mypictr allows you to upload your photos let you crop and zoom on the fly and create new profile picture for you. It offers predefined size for social networking site like Facebook, Friendster as well as you can customize height and width of your photo. Try it if you don’t have Photoshop or Image editing tools.


Stardock Fences

Fences is a free program allows you to organize icons from your Desktop into labeled groups so that your desktop doesn’t look messy. Fences comes with built-in predefined layouts for new users who don’t want to configure. Fences groups are resizeable and movable and you can hide it by double clicking your desktop and get it back by click twice again on your Desktop. Fences is free software and you can download at Stardock.



Co-workers in your office might think that you’re extremely busy with spreadsheets. Spreadtweet is an Adobe AIR application looks a lot like spreadsheet that you can retrieve and sent your tweets from it. You can choose layout from Office OSX to Office 2003 and Office 2007. To use Spreadtweet you must have Adobe AIR installed in your machine.