Tiny Letter

If you are web site owner or you like to have subscription service that you want to sent announcements to subscribers, you should check this service called Tiny Letter. Tiny Letter is a free subscription newsletter service which allows you to create newsletter for FREE. Signing up takes just few seconds. You’ll get permanent link or embed code which you can use it for your subscribers. Tiny Letter interface is simple and easy to use. When you want to send newsletter, just compose it and your newsletter subscribers will get email instantly.

Tiny Newsletter


How to see updates of all of your contacts in Facebook

I just noticed that I see only the status messages, links and photos from friends whom I know them personally in Facebook. I did not realize that it is the default set by Facebook until I read a note shared by my friend in Facebook. What Facebook does is that News Feed on your facebook account only shows the updates from your friends whom you’re interacted most. It means that you don’t seeĀ  any other updates from some of your contacts you never interacted.

Facebook newsfeed

To change this feature, scroll down to bottom of Facebook until you see “Edit Options” link. Click on it and you will see “Edit Your News Feed Settings” dialog box. Select “Show posts from” menu and change it as your personal choice.

Droplr – easy File sharing from Mac

Droplr (d.pr) is a Mac application designed for photo, note and file sharing just right from your desktop for FREE. Just drag the files and drop on droplr icon on Mac menu bar. Droplr will automatically upload the file and will give you the shortcut link like http://d.pr/RaAr. It also allows you to integrate with your Twitter so that you can tweet your files from Droplr.


How to download/backup your facebook profile

Have you ever wonder of how you can download or backup your facebook profile, status messages, links, photos and even messages that you shared with your friends in Facebook? Facebook has a feature that allows you to download all those information in zipped format which contains messages, status, links, photos and messages. Click Account upper right corner of your Facebook account. Go to Account Settings -> Download Your Information.

Download Facebook

For the first time, Facebook will ask you to wait for sometime and you will get email shortly which includes download link. Unzip the file, and browse index.html file with your browser. Now you can see your facebook profile locally with minimalist interface NOT Facebook interface.

WolframAlpha – Knowledge Search Engine

If you ask me what is your second favorite search engine, I would say Wolframalpha. Wolframalpha is a search engine which gives you all the results from mathematical calculation (x^3 – 4x^2 + 6x – 24 = 0) to astronomy (next solar eclipse). One of the best thing about this search engine is that the presentation of the search results which are far better than giant search engine, Google. You should try this out as an alternative to Google.


How to remove older linux image from GRUB menu

When you happened to upgrade ubuntu to newer version while you’re using dual boot, you may notice that GRUB menu shows not only the current linux kernel version but also older versions too.

To remove those menus, you directly go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager and then find “linux-image” and leave the latest version number and mark as all other the menu starts with “linux-image” for uninstall … (see the screenshot below: in my case, linux-image-2.6.32-25-neneric is old linux kernel image version). Hope this help!

Linux image GRUB remove

Aviary HTML 5

Aviary which I have posted in this blog before, that allows you to capture the whole web page. Now it has HTML 5 image editor that can change your photo with instant camera, toy camera, old photo and retro effects.

It allows not only effects but also you can put the text, cool stuffs, adjust color and situation and some more and embed on your blog or site as well.

Try it out Aviary HTML 5

Share files online with ge.tt

If you are familiar with online file sharing services, you won’t be surprised. ge.tt is an online file sharing service allows you to share multiple files with single click. ge.tt gives you more features like live statistics and managing files after you sign up but signing up not really required though.


Ultimate Chrome Flag

Ultimate Chrome FlagGoogle Chrome extensions are getting better and giving many choices for users as extensions developers are developing many useful tools for Google chrome browser. Ultimate Chrome Flag is an extension for Google chrome that shows all the information of the site like Geo location, IP address of the host, Google PageRank, Alexa rank and scorecards of WOT (Web of Trust).

For the people like SEO guy who like to see the Pagerank of the site, it has an option to show the Pagerank number with the flag. If you are Chrome use, you should check this Ultimate Chrome Flag out!