How to change custom resolution in Ubuntu 10

I have been looking for the solution since I use Ubuntu 10 as an alternative OS with Windows. The only problem is that it doesn’t display correct resolution 1680×1050 for my 22″ HP Monitor (HPw2228h). I came across over this Xrandr Configuration from Ubuntu official documentation and this tread from Ubuntu Forum. Combine these two solutions, I finally manage to get correct resolution in Ubuntu.


Share ideas on website with Bounce

Bounce is a tool that let you share ideas on website with your friends or partners that you’re working on. Just type the url and draw some marks, then click the Save button. It will give you a link that you can share to Facebook or Twitter if you want.


Screen Muncher – Capture Screen of your BlackBerry Mobile

If you’re BlackBerry mobile phone user and you like to capture the screen of your BlackBerry mobile phone, you should check out the application called Screen Muncher. It is FREE application available for download in BlackBerry App World. Screen Muncher can capture every screen of BlackBerry except home screen. After you installed, just press BlackBerry Icon key and choose Munch Screen. It will instantly capture the Screen and will ask you “Email” or “Save” in your device or “Option” menu where you can activate into Pro account. The only problem is that there is a Munched water mark in right bottom corner in every captured images in FREE version.

PicknZip – Download your photos from Facebook

PicknZip is an online tool that lets you to download your photos from your Facebook account. You can either download your photos as zip format as well as PDF file format. You can not only download your photos Facebook but also you can download your friends’ albums and photos or pictures you have been tagged. No registration required, just connect with your Facebook account.

What will you look like in next 20 years

Nobody want to get old. I’m also included there. will digitally make your face older and show you how you will look like in next 20 years. You just need to upload your photo. There is an option to choose +30 years which made you look more older.Below is the sample, I tested with my photo. LOL


I saw this contact form few times on some web sites and blogs. Later I found that it is a service from VisitorContact is a contact form service which can be used for your visitors to contact you through contact form from your website and blog. You don’t need to write any scriptor programming language for this purpose. Just signup and fill up some information and grab the code and put it in your blog or web site.

Firefox Add-ons: Download Media files with Embedded Objects

If you want to download some music or even movie files playing in Embedded objects like Flash player or Quicktime player, here is  a trick for you. Embedded objects is a Firefox add-ons allow you to download any media files (mp3, flv, avi, wav, wmv, mov) from the web page content. The little green arrow icon will appear lower right corner of Firefox browser when it found media files. You just need to click on it and select the files from its Download dialog window.

Convert Audio Online with

If you don’t have any software in your machine to convert music files to another music file type like mp3 or wma, is for you. is an online tool that allows you to upload any music files and convert into mp3, ogg, wav and wma file format. You just need to upload your music file and once uploaded, it will let you choose music file type and bit rate you’re going to convert. allows up to 250MB file size for each file.