Create Collage Photos with Loupe

Loupe is an online photo collage tool that let you to import photos from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr accounts and make collage photo for you with simple steps. First step is to import photos from your social networking accounts like Facebook and choose the photos from each album.

Second step is to select the shape you want to make collage photos. Loupe lets you to add and remove photos and also allow you to move individual photo. Once you have done, you can share to Faceobok with the link loupe created for you.

How to prevent Chrome from downloading index files

I have been using Chrome as default browser for a while apart from using Firefox for web development. One thing I noticed is that Chrome downloads index files instead of displaying the page in some websites. There is a discussion on Chorme help forum shows that the problem is caused by Internet Download Manager (IDM). The solution is to opt-out the Chrome from Advanced browser integration under General tab in IDM Options. Just click Downloads->Options and under General tab, opt-out the Google Chrome. See the snapshot below.  I hope this help you too.


How to use Google Web Fonts

It is really considered to be painful when it comes to design the website with the custom type faces. Web designers and developers are limited to use web safe fonts when specifying the type faces to make the site support in all OS platforms. Thanks to the modern web browsers, you can now use and embed the custom type faces in your website. There are many web font services out there that allow you to embed both commercial and free fonts. I’m going to cover Google web fonts in this post.

Google Web fonts

Google web fonts is a free service from Google that allows you to embed the fonts which are available in Google web fonts. To use google web fonts, please follow the steps.

Step 1

go to and click “start choosing fonts”.

Step 2

There are number of free fonts available in Google web fonts. You can filter by type faces, thickness, slant and width if you want. Select the fonts by clicking add to collection button. After you select the fonts, you can now click ‘use’. Using of too many font faces can slow down your site loading. Please use it wisely.

Step 3

Select the html link tag code that you found in next page and insert the code before head tag element. In order to use the font, you must have to apply the font family in your css file.

Sample HTML



<title>Google Web Font testing</title>

<link href='|Asap' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<style type="text/css">
h1 {
font-family: 'Condiment', cursive, serif;

<h1>This is the Title - Condiment</h1>


Bedtime Calculator

Are you confusing that what time you should go to sleep when you’ve to wake up at certain time without dizziness or tired?  Just select the time you want to wake up, this bedtime calculator will shows you when you should go to sleep. As the page said, it works by counting backwards in sleep cycles.

Doody Tooty Facebook App

doody-tootyDoody Tooty is an another mood sharing Facebook App that allows you to choose moods, characters, activities and share with your friends in Facebook. Doody Tooty moods has different categories from daily activities to sport fans. It also allows you to post your moods and activities directly to your friends wall. You can also request your favorite mood at Doody Tooty mood fan page on Facebook.

To use this app,

  • Go to
  • Allow the permission
  • Select the mood or activity you like to post
  • type some message and click Post
  • Your message will be appear on your wall.

Doody Tooty Moods App

Reset scroll direction in OSX Lion

After you installed new version of OSX Lion, you’ll notice that mouse/touchpad scroll reversely when you scroll web pages and some apps like Launchpad. It look very weird for me first time and I have to disable it by going to Setting Preferences -> Mouse -> Point & Click and tick off Scroll direction: natural.

I have been testing this reverse feature and getting used to it now. You should try if you’re comfortable with it.

How to sync files between Windows and Ubuntu

ubuntu-oneI mostly use Dropbox to sync files between Mac, Ubuntu and Windows. I also use Ubuntu one sometimes. Ubuntu One is a free service that offers 2GB of storage on the cloud. Recently, Ubuntu one released the beta version for Windows that you can sync the files between your ubuntu and windows machine with your Ubuntu one account. It works on XP, Vista and Windows 7. Make sure you have the full .NET 4 framework installed.

minusFile sharing couldn’t be easier thanks to new features added in HTML5, new file sharing site offers drag and drop file sharing nowadays. is another file sharing service allows you drag files from your desktop and folders directly to your browser to start sharing or via our desktop and mobile apps  for FREE.