Drag and Drop file sharing with DropMocks

DropMocks is a easiest way to share files from your desktop or whatever simply with just drag and drop. It is a web site that allows you to upload multiple files and put into one shorten url and show all the files as gallery album like iTunes. Signing up is not required. As of now, it only supports Google Chrome and Firefox.


How to capture web site with Google Chrome

Awesome Screenshot I have posted several capture tools to capture web site, the online service tool like Browsershots. The only problem is that many of those services don’t let you to capture web pages with one click. You have to wait for sometimes to get the screenshots as their service grows popularity. This is an another way to capture web pages with the help of Google Chrome extension.

Awesome Screenshot is a Google Chrome extension allows you to capture web page with just one click. It has options like selected area capturing and entire page. Wait! it has more. It has abilities to annotate text and draw circle, rectangle, arrow, etc.

OhLife! – your personal online journal

It may be look like blogging tool but actually it is not. Ohlife is a web service that let you write note or activities on your daily life by replying their reminder email which OhLife sent you every day or week. You just simply reply the email to write your new entry at OhLife. It is private and nobody can see what you wrote. The design layout at ohlife is pretty neat and it uses beautiful typography. You should try it out!

How to remove installed fonts in Ubuntu

In newer versions of Ubuntu, font installation got easier than earlier versions. Just click the font file and click “Install” in font preview. But it doesn’t give you uninstall functionality. To remove the custom fonts that you installed in Ubuntu, open Terminal and type:

cd /home/username/.fonts

P.S: replace username with your username. Type ls so that you can see the font files that you installed in your Ubuntu. Type rm to remove.


I have been seeing these avatar on my thai friends’ Facebook walls lately. At first don’t know where they get and how they made it. I didn’t have a chance to ask them too. Difficult to search in Google using (.com) US. Then I switched back to google.co.th and made some searches and found it.

It is DTAC one DIY, a Facebook flash application let you to choose face, hair, shirt, etc of your choice and create avatar for your Facebook profile and save photos as your Facebook photos album.

To create DTAC one DIY, just go to http://apps.facebook.com/dtaconediy

goo.gl – Google Url Shortener

This buzz has been floating for a while and Google has been using goo.gl url shortening feature in Google toolbar and Feedburner. Finally Google made goo.gl url shortener public. Goo.gl is url shortening service from Google and perform the same functionality like other  url shortening services. It can track clicks, referrers, countries, OS platforms, etc. To use it, just go to goo.gl and login with your Google account if you want to track your shortened urls.


How to change custom resolution in Ubuntu 10

I have been looking for the solution since I use Ubuntu 10 as an alternative OS with Windows. The only problem is that it doesn’t display correct resolution 1680×1050 for my 22″ HP Monitor (HPw2228h). I came across over this Xrandr Configuration from Ubuntu official documentation and this tread from Ubuntu Forum. Combine these two solutions, I finally manage to get correct resolution in Ubuntu.


Share ideas on website with Bounce

Bounce is a tool that let you share ideas on website¬†with your friends or partners that you’re working on. Just type the url and draw some marks, then click the Save button. It will give you a link that you can share to Facebook or Twitter if you want.


Screen Muncher – Capture Screen of your BlackBerry Mobile

If you’re BlackBerry mobile phone user and you like to capture the screen of your BlackBerry mobile phone, you should check out the application called Screen Muncher. It is FREE application available for download in BlackBerry App World. Screen Muncher can capture every screen of BlackBerry except home screen. After you installed, just press BlackBerry Icon key and choose Munch Screen. It will instantly capture the Screen and will ask you “Email” or “Save” in your device or “Option” menu where you can activate into Pro account. The only problem is that there is a Munched water mark in right bottom corner in every captured images in FREE version.