How to check Exif data in photo from web

Exif data is a specification in the photo used by Digital camera. Every information like Camera model, Manufacturer, Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, etc. are stored in Exif in the photo. You can check basic information of Exif data in your photos in Windows XP and later version of Windows, of course Mac supports as well.

I wrote about how to check shutter count in your camera with Opanda before and it works great because it shows every information from Exif, but the problem is that it works on Windows only. But if you’re Mac user, you can try Simple EXIF Viewer. I stumbled upon a web site, Jeffrey’s Exif viewer that can easily check tons of Exif information in photo on the fly without installing any of those software. You just need to give the photo url from web or upload the photo.

Backup your Flickr photos with Bulkr

I have been using Flickr to share my photos with my friends for a while. After upgrading to Pro account on Flickr and I saw that I have uploaded more than 300 photos in my Flickr account. I always upload the photos in original size and some of the photos I uploaded in Flickr weren’t not found back in my machine. I have been searching for a tool that can backup photos in Flickr in original format. I even decided to write an application to download the photos from Flickr using Flickr API if I can’t find app.



I’m addicted in blogging and of course, I read many other blogs every day. I can’t visit all the blogs I read. I just simply subscribe their feeds in my favorite RSS reader, Google Reader. I can read the recently updated blog posts in rss reader just like I’m reading emails.



If you have experienced with Adobe Lightroom software photo editing software, you’ll feel that the interface of the Flickroom is very similar to Lightroom. Flickroom is an Adobe AIR based application provides almost everything that you can do in Flickr.



If you are a Plaxo user, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with this FriendBinder. FriendBinder is a social site allows you to keep track the updates of your friends from many social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, etc. And you can also update your status messages to Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Turn your site into mobile friendly with Mobify

I have been using Mofuse to make my site mobile friendly for quite sometimes. Yet, this is another service called Mobify. Mobify is a web based service allows you to create a mobile friendly for your web site.  One of the features I like from Mobify is that selective content. You can select any content from your site to show in mobile friendly page that makes more your visitor to access your site easily from their mobile and save bandwidth. For example: you can remove unwanted content like sidebar, links, footer and ads from your site. Custom template allows you to style your mobile friendly page and live preview is provided so that you can know what your site look like on different mobiles like iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, etc. Mobify supports additional features like Plugin and custom domain as well.


Share Text with is a online web app allows you to share rich text using shortening url with your friends. It has rich HTML editor and you can also add photos and import documents like doc, rtf and odt. It will give you shortened link ( after you publish.



How cool when you look up Google map to see if there are any wordpress fans near your location? The site is called WpWorldMap. It used Google map with draggable windows that contains name and your information like First Name, Last name, .. and your role like User or Developer, etc. and leave your marker where you are staying now.